WK 11 – Classmate Conversation – Jennifer Mendoza

img_1095This week I had the privilege to meet Jennifer Mendoza, each week it becomes more difficult to find a classmate that I have not interviewed and I am glad I came across Jennifer. She is a sophomore at Cal State Long Beach and majoring in Computer Science, she said she was also interested in Psychology. I asked Jennifer what her favorite activity has been so far, and she said it “Landscapes with a Corpse.” She mentioned how it was interesting to see how people depict death through playing dead in a picture. After that question we began talking about our interests and hobbies, and we discovered that we have a lot in common. One of her favorite shows is “The Walking Dead,” and her favorite character from the series was Daryl. We started talking about our favorite artist and we both like 21 Pilots, The 1975, and Ed Sheeran. I found it awesome that we both went to the same 21 Pilots concert at the Forum during their tour!!!


WK 10 – Fiber Art Social Network


This week we created a Fiber Art Social Network with our classmates, we were required to bring a photo of ourselves, and connect our photos with our classmates based on if we’ve had a classmate conversation or art experience with them, and if we new them before Art 101. I thought this was an awesome idea because it would allow us to realize how we are all connected to each other, we may not know each other directly but one form or another we are connected.”Social Network” is a term that may be applied to people in real life and for people in cyber space. Dundar number makes sense to me the fact that it states that we could only have around 150 true relationships with people. With soical media and other online platforms we often mistaken those relationship as “real,” but I believe that we could not possibly have a “true” relationship with everyone of our “online” friends, it would be too physically and mentally demanding. Personally, I am not a huge fan of social media, I only use snapchat and only my close friends have my snapchat account. I think that I would only be able to have a “true” relationship with a few people, my personal number would be around 20. I like to get to know people and if my personal number was any hire I think it would only make it much more difficult to know these people at a personal level.

I based my Social Network on family and friends. Pink represents relationships (boyfriends, girlfriends, husband, or wife). Family is connected by orange lines. Gray is best friends. Lime represents people who know each other and get along. My social network is really confusing, but that is how social networks are in real life, its really really confusing but one way or another we are linked together!!!!


WK 10 – Artist Conversation -Daniela Ionescu

Artist: Daniela Ionescu 
Exhibition: La Blouse Romaine
Media: Fashion, Textiles, Photography
Gallery: Max L. Gatov East Gallery
Website: Facebook
Instagram: N/A


La Blouse Romaine was located at the Max L Gatov East Gallery located in Cal State Long Beach. La Blouse Romaine was put together by the Cal State Long Beach student, Daniela Ionescu. The exhibit was based on cultural identity, art, and fashion. Daniela include a quote by  Yves Saint Laurent which sets the tone for the exhibit, “A Romanian Blouse does not belong to any period. All peasants’ clothes are passed down from century to century without going our of fashion.”Pieces that were included in the gallery were textile, photographs, and fashion.


Daniela Ionescu is currently a student at Cal State Long Beach and is working to get her Masters in Art History. She also did her undergrad in Cal State Long Beach and recieved her Bachelors in Art History . She was originally going to be an accountant, but she decided to pursue her dreams and be in the art field. When she was working on her research based on Romanian fashion, her collection began to form. She mentioned that reading about the history related to Romanian fashion was amazing, but being able to see it in person is even better. As an art historian she believes that seeing these pieces in person to ten times better, because it is seeing history is person.

My favorite part of the exhibit was seeing all of the pieces in person. I am glad that Daniela decided to include these blouses into her exhibit, because photographs would not have done them justice. When closely examining these garments its fascinating to see all of the details and texture included in one piece of fabric. One of my favorite pieces included in her exhibit was the Men’s ensemble, which included a blouse, coat, and trousers that were all hand woven, and embroidered. This piece was from the early 1900’s, was “schilaresc style”and part of the Daniela Ionescu collection. She had two photographs next to this piece one with Dinca Schileriu (1846-1916) who was a creator of the “schilaresc” style and another photo from Valentino’s 2015 Spring Collection. The photographs side by side shows how modern designers are still influenced by fashion that are decades old.

Overall, I enjoyed the Daniela’s exhibit because it was extremely informative. I am glad that I was able to learn a lot about another culture, and how these pieces that were on display are worn during special occasions such as such, holidays, and weddings. During my conversation with Daniela she mentioned the importance and symbolism behind some of the colors in Romanian culture. For instance, silver protects young girls from the “evil eye,” black is considered to be a good color that represents “richness.”

WK 9 – Art Experience -Art Care Package


This weeks art experience was creating an art care package. Creating an art care package for someone felt extremely personal compared to sending someone a snapchat. A lot of time and effort was put into this care package, many of the objects that I decided to include had a lot of thought put into it. I believe that is the main difference between a snap chat and an art care package. An art care package takes more time to create, send, and receive and that’s what makes the art care package unique. Personally, I find ephemera to be precious because they are typically ordinary objects that provide a narrative and story. For instance, some so simple such as a concert ticket provides as story. When I went to go watch my favorite band, Arcade Fire I wanted to keep my psychical ticket because it was a memory I wanted to cherish, and today I have the ticket on my wall. Every time I see that ticket on my wall it reminds me of the time that I saw my favorite band live.

I decided to send my art care package to my best friend from high school. I though she would really appreciate the things that I sent her because I have not seen her in months. I decided to send her two Halloween pictures that I created during my three hour break between my Human Development and Psychology class. I also include a brochure that I img_0231received from the CSULB art galleries, the brochure is from the “CSULB Printmaking Program.” I  included some flashcards that I made from my theater class that I took over the summer. In addition, I incorporated a small menu brochure from my favorite boba place ,”Honey Boba.” She is really going to enjoy that because in high school when I first got my license and car we would always drive to this boba place after school. Included two posters, one is from an Alabama Shakes Concert that I went to two years ago, and the other is from a Bernie Sander’s rally that I went to over summer. Over the weekend I had an eye exam and include plastic glasses that they give you. Finally, I sent her a mickey mouse yin and yang pin that I got from Disneyland.

WK 9 – Artist Conversation – Ink 17: Turf

Exhibition Coordinators: Vanessa Donofrio & Kevin Lopez

Exhibition: Ink 17 Turf

Media: Print Making 

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: Personal


Ink 17: Turf was located in the Marilyn Werby Gallery located in Cal State Long Beach University. All of pieces in the gallery were made by Cal State Long Beach students who are apart of the printing program on campus. The artist were hand selected from a variety of submissions. Some of the artist that are included in this exhibition include: Dana Bilhimer, Eva Grello, Emilie Vo, Keenan Shur, John Mueller, Travis Lober, and more. All of the pieces in the gallery are centered around a specific theme, the land we live in.


Since we did not have the opportunity to have a direct conversation with all the artist, I decided to take some time to interview the exhibition coordinator. I had the honor and privilege to discuss with Kevin Lopez, who gave us some important insight about the exhibition. He is one on the main curators of the event, he help decide which artist would be selected to display their art pieces in the gallery. The prints that were chosen were made in the CSULB Black Dolphin Workshop and there are roughly around 57 different pieces. He touched upon the importance of art students displaying their work to a wide audience, giving artist the opportunities to put their name out to the public will help them out tremendously.

The exhibition was not only showcasing the student’s printmaking pieces, but it was also promoting the CSULB printmaking program. When I was having my discussion with Kevin Lopez, he mentioned that printmaking is not as popular as other art mediums. He said that this exhibition would hopefully allow students to become aware and interested in the printmaking program. If you are interested in the printmaking program you could contact one of the faculty and staff members, Roxanna Sexauer, Kimiko Miyoshi, and Rob Brown.


My favorite piece from the exhibition was “Waiting For the Pizza Guy” by Eva Grello because it has a minimalist design. The artist choose a few colors for the piece, and the characters are simple cartoons. The piece captures two characters waiting in a room for pizza, and I really enjoyed it because it is relatable. “Waiting For the Pizza Guy,” makes something so boring such as “waiting” look so interesting and fun. Overall, I enjoyed all the art work that was apart of this exhibition, I did not know much about printmaking but I am glad I had the opportunity to see CSULB student’s work in person.

WK 8 – Art Experience – Sketching in the Japanese Garden


This week was exciting because we had an art assignment, which took place at one of my favorite places on campus, the Japanese Garden. The Japanese Garden is one of my favorite places on campus because it is one of the most beautiful and relaxing places on campus. Our assignment required us to do different forms of sketches, 10 30 second sketches, a 5 min sketch, contour drawing, representation, and abstract. My favorite part of the assignment was working on the five minute sketch, the 5 min sketch turned out better than I expected. I am not the best at drawing; therefore, I was a little scared of the assignment. It is difficult to sketch when you are always underestimating your own capabilities and comparing your own work to other advanced artist. While doing the 10 30 seconds sketching I wanted to erase them because it always been a habit to erase any “mistakes.” The hardest part of the assignment was to not erase my mistakes, its easy to focus on all the “mistakes” while sketching but doing so will just mess you up even more. From this assignment I learned that nothing will ever be perfect, especially for a 10 second to 5 min sketch. Sketch drawings are not designed to be perfect its about drawing lines and creating 2D and 3D objects with those lines.

This is my five minute sketch, which I am very proud of  because it turned our better than I expected. While I was drawing this I realized how difficult it is to sketch water, and the reflections that it creates. I wish I added more shading and contour into my sketch because it would allow the objects that I drew to look more 3-dimensional. Ultimately, this assignment was a lot of fun and I learned a lot about accepting your “mistakes,” erasing will only hinder your sketches!!

WK 8 – Classmate Conversation – Daniel Schmitz


This week we finally had a “normal” classmate conversation, which I was extremely excited for because I enjoy meeting all of the creative and kind classmates. While at the CSULB Japanese garden I came across Daniel Schmitz, who was really kind and outgoing. He is a fifth year student at CSULB, majoring in biology and is expected to graduate Spring 2017. For our classmate conversation we had 3 question assigned to us so we could base our conversation on. The first question was, “What is a piece of art, of any medium, that you would like to share with everyone? Why do you like it and why do you think others should experience (read, see, listen to, etc.) it?” Daniel said that he really enjoyed reading the Lord Of the Rings books, and it was one of the few books that he actually managed to finish. He recommends reading the books because the books are always better than the movie. Next question was, “Would you be supportive of your child wanting to pursue an art career? Why or why not?” Daniel and I agreed that we would both be extremely supportive about a child wanting to pursue an art career. However, he would let them know them that pursuing a career in art is extremely competitive and they should take that into consideration. Finally, the last question was “Open your phones to the 1st page. What apps do you both have? What apps are different?” Daniel and I both had the Twitch app, which is an app that is used to stream video games. Daniel likes watching people play “Dead by Dead light.”An app that he has that I don’t have is “Ultimate Guitar Tabs,” which he uses to learn how to play songs on his guitar. Overall, I had a good time talking and meeting a new classmate.

Daniel’s Website