WK 14 – Art Experience -Instagram


This week we were given the assignment to create an Instagram post using the #art110of16. I did not have an Instagram because it has never been something that has caught my attention. Therefore, I had to create a new account, which was really easy and fun!!! I created my account and used the username “ALVXM1,” and added some of my classmates onto my account. I found it really fun to customize my account, creating my bio and adding a profile picture. We had to include 4 0r more photos onto our Instagram accounts using the #art110of16, and since on Wednesdays I am at school all day all of my pictures were at school. My first picture was when I went to Carl’s Jr to buy a chicken sandwich with my friend after class was over. My second picture was taken next to CSULB’s book store and I was walking to my 11 a.m class. The third photo was of my good friend Charlie when we were studying at the library. Finally, the fourth photo was of my friend Monique!! Overall, I thought that the Instagram activity was fun, it was cool to see other people post when you clicked on the Instagram.



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