WK 11 – Artist Conversation – Kyle Kruse

Artist: Kyle Kruse
Exhibition: Janis Maxim
Media: Film, Paintings, Sculptures
Gallery: Marilyn Werby
Website: Kylekruseart.com
Instagram: @kyle.kruse


Janis Maxim was located at the Marilyn Werby Gallery in Cal State Long Beach. The Janis Maxim exhibition was created by the undergraduate student, Kyle Kruse for his senior undergraduate show. The media included in this show consists of installations, wood carvings, film making, and printing. This exhbition is based on the Greco-Roman teching myths of Janus, Prometheus, and Sisyphus. Kyle included a poem in his description which set a tone for his exhibition, “Fire consumes the body, it returns to sand./ The New is free to rise and burn again/ Water washes off afterbirth to nurture the forest,/ They build their own pyres.”

Kyle Kruse is currently a senior at Cal State Long Beach, he is working on his bachelors of arts in print making with a focus on wood carving. He plans on continuing his education by attending graduate school, he is currently interested in attending Yale, and New York. His interest in art began when he was young, he started drawing at a young age and made stuff out of junk from junk yards. His interest in print making derived from his grandparents, and their passion for art collecting. He enjoys reading on his free time,doing research on particular subjects, and rock climbing. It took him approximately ten weeks to complete his show, and his insomnia came to an advantage because it allowed him to work on his projects late at night.


When you first walk into the gallery it is extremely dark, and dirt is scattered all through out the floor of the gallery which sets a fearsome, haunting, and alarming tone for the exhibition. The three monitors that are in the gallery provide a looped video of events from the woods, fire, and etc. I was mostly fascinated by the three painting on the walls, they reminded me of “tribal” paintings. The painting where of different masks, which had the silhouette of an animal. All three of the paintings were framed with a dark circle as its border. The colors that were used for this painting were primarily dark colors. When you are up close to the paintings you could see that a lot of texture is included.


The exhibition provided many different images from the woods and I think those images along with all of the other pieces included in the gallery emulate the concept and meaning behind life. Similar to my intentions to understand the meaning behind the exhibition, the show attempts to question the obscure meaning behind life.


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