WK 10 – Fiber Art Social Network


This week we created a Fiber Art Social Network with our classmates, we were required to bring a photo of ourselves, and connect our photos with our classmates based on if we’ve had a classmate conversation or art experience with them, and if we new them before Art 101. I thought this was an awesome idea because it would allow us to realize how we are all connected to each other, we may not know each other directly but one form or another we are connected.”Social Network” is a term that may be applied to people in real life and for people in cyber space. Dundar number makes sense to me the fact that it states that we could only have around 150 true relationships with people. With soical media and other online platforms we often mistaken those relationship as “real,” but I believe that we could not possibly have a “true” relationship with everyone of our “online” friends, it would be too physically and mentally demanding. Personally, I am not a huge fan of social media, I only use snapchat and only my close friends have my snapchat account. I think that I would only be able to have a “true” relationship with a few people, my personal number would be around 20. I like to get to know people and if my personal number was any hire I think it would only make it much more difficult to know these people at a personal level.

I based my Social Network on family and friends. Pink represents relationships (boyfriends, girlfriends, husband, or wife). Family is connected by orange lines. Gray is best friends. Lime represents people who know each other and get along. My social network is really confusing, but that is how social networks are in real life, its really really confusing but one way or another we are linked together!!!!



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