WK 10 – Artist Conversation -Daniela Ionescu

Artist: Daniela Ionescu 
Exhibition: La Blouse Romaine
Media: Fashion, Textiles, Photography
Gallery: Max L. Gatov East Gallery
Website: Facebook
Instagram: N/A


La Blouse Romaine was located at the Max L Gatov East Gallery located in Cal State Long Beach. La Blouse Romaine was put together by the Cal State Long Beach student, Daniela Ionescu. The exhibit was based on cultural identity, art, and fashion. Daniela include a quote by  Yves Saint Laurent which sets the tone for the exhibit, “A Romanian Blouse does not belong to any period. All peasants’ clothes are passed down from century to century without going our of fashion.”Pieces that were included in the gallery were textile, photographs, and fashion.


Daniela Ionescu is currently a student at Cal State Long Beach and is working to get her Masters in Art History. She also did her undergrad in Cal State Long Beach and recieved her Bachelors in Art History . She was originally going to be an accountant, but she decided to pursue her dreams and be in the art field. When she was working on her research based on Romanian fashion, her collection began to form. She mentioned that reading about the history related to Romanian fashion was amazing, but being able to see it in person is even better. As an art historian she believes that seeing these pieces in person to ten times better, because it is seeing history is person.

My favorite part of the exhibit was seeing all of the pieces in person. I am glad that Daniela decided to include these blouses into her exhibit, because photographs would not have done them justice. When closely examining these garments its fascinating to see all of the details and texture included in one piece of fabric. One of my favorite pieces included in her exhibit was the Men’s ensemble, which included a blouse, coat, and trousers that were all hand woven, and embroidered. This piece was from the early 1900’s, was “schilaresc style”and part of the Daniela Ionescu collection. She had two photographs next to this piece one with Dinca Schileriu (1846-1916) who was a creator of the “schilaresc” style and another photo from Valentino’s 2015 Spring Collection. The photographs side by side shows how modern designers are still influenced by fashion that are decades old.

Overall, I enjoyed the Daniela’s exhibit because it was extremely informative. I am glad that I was able to learn a lot about another culture, and how these pieces that were on display are worn during special occasions such as such, holidays, and weddings. During my conversation with Daniela she mentioned the importance and symbolism behind some of the colors in Romanian culture. For instance, silver protects young girls from the “evil eye,” black is considered to be a good color that represents “richness.”


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