WK 9 – Artist Conversation – Ink 17: Turf

Exhibition Coordinators: Vanessa Donofrio & Kevin Lopez

Exhibition: Ink 17 Turf

Media: Print Making 

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: Personal


Ink 17: Turf was located in the Marilyn Werby Gallery located in Cal State Long Beach University. All of pieces in the gallery were made by Cal State Long Beach students who are apart of the printing program on campus. The artist were hand selected from a variety of submissions. Some of the artist that are included in this exhibition include: Dana Bilhimer, Eva Grello, Emilie Vo, Keenan Shur, John Mueller, Travis Lober, and more. All of the pieces in the gallery are centered around a specific theme, the land we live in.


Since we did not have the opportunity to have a direct conversation with all the artist, I decided to take some time to interview the exhibition coordinator. I had the honor and privilege to discuss with Kevin Lopez, who gave us some important insight about the exhibition. He is one on the main curators of the event, he help decide which artist would be selected to display their art pieces in the gallery. The prints that were chosen were made in the CSULB Black Dolphin Workshop and there are roughly around 57 different pieces. He touched upon the importance of art students displaying their work to a wide audience, giving artist the opportunities to put their name out to the public will help them out tremendously.

The exhibition was not only showcasing the student’s printmaking pieces, but it was also promoting the CSULB printmaking program. When I was having my discussion with Kevin Lopez, he mentioned that printmaking is not as popular as other art mediums. He said that this exhibition would hopefully allow students to become aware and interested in the printmaking program. If you are interested in the printmaking program you could contact one of the faculty and staff members, Roxanna Sexauer, Kimiko Miyoshi, and Rob Brown.


My favorite piece from the exhibition was “Waiting For the Pizza Guy” by Eva Grello because it has a minimalist design. The artist choose a few colors for the piece, and the characters are simple cartoons. The piece captures two characters waiting in a room for pizza, and I really enjoyed it because it is relatable. “Waiting For the Pizza Guy,” makes something so boring such as “waiting” look so interesting and fun. Overall, I enjoyed all the art work that was apart of this exhibition, I did not know much about printmaking but I am glad I had the opportunity to see CSULB student’s work in person.


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