WK 9 – Art Experience -Art Care Package


This weeks art experience was creating an art care package. Creating an art care package for someone felt extremely personal compared to sending someone a snapchat. A lot of time and effort was put into this care package, many of the objects that I decided to include had a lot of thought put into it. I believe that is the main difference between a snap chat and an art care package. An art care package takes more time to create, send, and receive and that’s what makes the art care package unique. Personally, I find ephemera to be precious because they are typically ordinary objects that provide a narrative and story. For instance, some so simple such as a concert ticket provides as story. When I went to go watch my favorite band, Arcade Fire I wanted to keep my psychical ticket because it was a memory I wanted to cherish, and today I have the ticket on my wall. Every time I see that ticket on my wall it reminds me of the time that I saw my favorite band live.

I decided to send my art care package to my best friend from high school. I though she would really appreciate the things that I sent her because I have not seen her in months. I decided to send her two Halloween pictures that I created during my three hour break between my Human Development and Psychology class. I also include a brochure that I img_0231received from the CSULB art galleries, the brochure is from the “CSULB Printmaking Program.” I  included some flashcards that I made from my theater class that I took over the summer. In addition, I incorporated a small menu brochure from my favorite boba place ,”Honey Boba.” She is really going to enjoy that because in high school when I first got my license and car we would always drive to this boba place after school. Included two posters, one is from an Alabama Shakes Concert that I went to two years ago, and the other is from a Bernie Sander’s rally that I went to over summer. Over the weekend I had an eye exam and include plastic glasses that they give you. Finally, I sent her a mickey mouse yin and yang pin that I got from Disneyland.


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