WK 8 – Classmate Conversation – Daniel Schmitz


This week we finally had a “normal” classmate conversation, which I was extremely excited for because I enjoy meeting all of the creative and kind classmates. While at the CSULB Japanese garden I came across Daniel Schmitz, who was really kind and outgoing. He is a fifth year student at CSULB, majoring in biology and is expected to graduate Spring 2017. For our classmate conversation we had 3 question assigned to us so we could base our conversation on. The first question was, “What is a piece of art, of any medium, that you would like to share with everyone? Why do you like it and why do you think others should experience (read, see, listen to, etc.) it?” Daniel said that he really enjoyed reading the Lord Of the Rings books, and it was one of the few books that he actually managed to finish. He recommends reading the books because the books are always better than the movie. Next question was, “Would you be supportive of your child wanting to pursue an art career? Why or why not?” Daniel and I agreed that we would both be extremely supportive about a child wanting to pursue an art career. However, he would let them know them that pursuing a career in art is extremely competitive and they should take that into consideration. Finally, the last question was “Open your phones to the 1st page. What apps do you both have? What apps are different?” Daniel and I both had the Twitch app, which is an app that is used to stream video games. Daniel likes watching people play “Dead by Dead light.”An app that he has that I don’t have is “Ultimate Guitar Tabs,” which he uses to learn how to play songs on his guitar. Overall, I had a good time talking and meeting a new classmate.

Daniel’s Website


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