WK 6 – Artist Conversation – Blaine Scot

Artist: Blaine Scot

Exhibition: Extrusions

Media: Mixed Media 

Gallery: Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: @tiffus


Extrusions was located at the Maxine Merlino Gallery in Cal State Long Beach University. Blaine Scot is the artist responsible for the exhibition, Extrusions, which is based on three dimensional and two dimensional shapes. This exhibition is influenced by Blaine Scot’s obsession with geometric shapes. His passion for shapes and dimensions began when he was a young child playing with wooden blocks, to his fascination with mathematical thermos in high school. Blaine Scot is a fourth year student at Cal State Long Beach University, he is currently working on achieving a Studio Art BA in graphic design. During our discussion with the artist, Blaine Scot he mentioned that he does not like paintings and that is why he worked with bristol on foamcore for this exhibit. Blaine Scot mentioned how the process of making three-dimensional shapes, cutting and folding paper shaped influenced Extrusions.

When walking into the gallery it is evident that all of the pieces are based on geometric shapes and three-dimensional objects. When walking into the gallery there were 3 pieces of the left wall: “This That,” “Up Down,” and “C.O.” Straight ahead two pieces were displayed “Triangle Square,” and “Square Pentagon.” Finally on the right side of the gallery “Factory” had its own dedicated space. All of the pieces were black and white and had a three-dimensional object. A majority of the pieces were 12″x12″ with the exception of “Up Down”(15″x12″) and Factory (22″x17”).


My favorite piece from the exhibit was “Factory,” which was the largest piece from the exhibition. “Factory” was 22″x17″ and was the only piece that was displayed on the right side of the room. Since “Factory” had its own wall dedicate itself my eyes immediately gravitated towards this price. Although, “Factory” is different in size compared to the other pieces it feels familiar due to the geometric shapes and black and white scheme. “Factory” features 12 black crosses with a white three-dimensional cube on the left side of the crosses. What makes this piece stand out is the white three-dimensional cubes, the mixture between flat and three-dimensional objects creates texture and layering. Another thing that I enjoyed about “Factory” was the shadows that were being created by the three-dimensional cubes. The shadows that are created from the piece add another element of texture and layering onto the piece. If this piece was in natural lighting, it would be amazing to see how the piece would change over the course of time because of the changing of lighting. Overall, Extrusions has been one of my favorite exhibitions of the semester.


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