WK 6 – Art Experience – Zines & Flip Books

This weeks art experience was zines and flip books which was an idea that came from our fellow classmate, Lydia. When I discovered that out assignment of this week was based on flip books and zines I was really excited because in high school I made zines on my free time, but I never kept them because they weren’t that cool. For this week we had the opportunity to select between a zine or a flip book and I decided to create a zine. I believe that a zine was more suitable for me because it simply a form of magazine, which could be based on anything.

For my zine I used a couple of pages from out sketch book and folded the piece of paper into 1/4th to create a page for my zine. In addition, I used a variety of permanent markers to color in the zine. I used a lot of bright colors the colors that I selected were strongly influenced by the neon colors found in the 1990’s.Last week assignment was related to graffiti writing, which influenced me to center my zine in typography. My zine is centered around slang and popular phrases that people use today, such as: “Petty AF,” and “Clock Out.” I am not the best at typography that is why my zine consists of simple block letters. Regardless, I had fun mixing colors together and arranging the block letters in different ways. If I could do this assignment again I would want to expand on what I already have. I would include pictures and different words using different fonts. Ultimately, I had a lot of fun with this assignment, and I really enjoyed the coloring that I did.


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