WK 5 – Art Experience – Graffiti Writing

ALVXM (My online gamer-tag)

This weeks art assignment was graffiti writing, which was the assignment I was most excited for since the beginning of the semester!!  Growing up in Carson, Los Angeles I was always surrounded by graffiti, it was something that was familiar and aesthetically pleasing for me. When I lived with my brothers they had a notebook that was filled with writing inspired by graffiti and I always attempted to resemble their work, but wasn’t good at it. Today I could do really basic block letters, similar to the block lettering that I use for the note cards we turn in for class. I wanted to make the project represent who I am as a person. Therefore, I decided to make the theme based on video games. Since, I was a young video games was something that I gravitated towards. Personally video games is something that allows me to relax my mind and relieve stress from school work. I enjoy playing online video games at a competitive level, and collecting online trophies for games.

The assignment required us to use two different colors and paint our name is bubble letters. The two colors that I was given in my art kit was black and raspberry, black matches with anything so the two colors that I was given works out perfectly. I bought an extra large cardboard from Home Depot for $3, I originally  was going to buy a piece of plywood but the cardboard was cheaper. I started out my art project by making a stencil of a space ship from the retro video game, Galaga. During my freshman year of college I made stencils on a regular basis and would used them to spray paint over, so making a stencil of a pixelated ship was an easy task. I used a sharpie marker to draw in the bullets that shoot out of the ship, and all three of the ships are shooting at my gamer-tag “ALVXM.” I decided to spray paint three Galaga ships because in video games you are typically given three lives before its “Game Over.” Next I worked on the bubble lettering for my gamer-tag “ALVXM,” which was the most difficult part of the project. Before I painted my name on the cardboard I sketched out the lettering on a piece of paper, it took me a couple of attempts before I was able to get a hang of the lettering. I also practiced on the backside of the cardboard before I attempted it because I wanted to experiment with different caps and techniques. While practicing I discovered that the thin cap with quick hand motions worked the best for me. It took a lot of trail and error before I became comfortable with the spray paint. I used raspberry as the primary color of my lettering and used black to outline the letters. For the bottom section of the outlined letters I held down on the spray can allowing the paint to drip down. In the corner on the bottom right of the cardboard I wrote “Game Over” using really sharp lettering. Overall, the art project was extremely time consuming but fun!!



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