WK4 – Art Experience – Automatic Drawing

This week our art assignment was automatic drawing!!


I decided to ask my annoying little sister, Taylor to be part of my art experience and she was excited to try something new. We used oil pastels that I had from high school and selected three colors; orange, blue, and yellow, We were sitting across from one another on the floor with our legs crossed and had blue on our right hand and orange on our left and drew with both hands simultaneously. After, we used yellow and had all four of our hands on the yellow pastel and started drawing. We had the radio turned on in the background to create a relaxing environment, it helped us focus on the art. At first we couldn’t stop laughing because it was difficult to come to an agreement with what we were going to draw, I kept feeling a force that prevented me from navigating the way I wanted to go. In the beginning we could not sync up with what direction we were going to draw and we broke a couple of the crayon pastels. However, after a minute or two we both just started drawing and it felt automatic. I found it weird how towards the end we did not need to verbally communicate about the drawing, it was like we were reading each others minds and knew what we wanted to draw. I really liked how our drawing turned out, my favorite part of the drawing has to be the colors that we selected. I like how all of the colors come together in the middle, and how orange is predominantly on the left side and blue on the right.

If I could do this assignment again I would like to attempt it with another medium. It would be cool if we used paint, because all of the colors would blend together. Paint is messier compared to colored pastels, so the final product may look slightly more abstract. Ultimately, I enjoyed this weeks activity and it allowed my little sister and I to bond together!!


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