WK4 – Artist Conversation – Cinitia Segovia

Exhibition Information

Artist: Cinitia Segovia

Exhibition: Mexico Already Changed 

Media: Mixed Media 

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East 

Website: https://cintiasegovia.wordpress.com/


The exhibit Mexico Already Changed was hosted at the Max L. Gatov Gallery East in Cal State Long Beach. Mexico Already Change showcased a performance video and an interactive art piece, “El Roboto.” The exhibit is centered around political and cultural issues centered around Mexico. This exhibit employs mass media to address issues concerning stereotyping, immigration, and cultural identity found in our society.

The artist responsible for this exhibit is Cinitia Segovia, she was born in Mexico city and emigrated to the United States six years ago. She is currently enrolled in Cal State Long Beach working on her masters. She began college as a Mass Communications major, but she eventually switch to art. Her parents had mixed feeling regarding her career path, her mother was supportive but her father is not as supportive. She is a lecturer at Cal State Northridge. Cinitia has been teaching introduction to digital photography at Cal State Northridge for three years. In addition, she is a teaching artist at Artworx LA, Hollywood Heart, and other non-profit organizations. She enjoys working with students because she  finds it inspiring to teach students new skills. Cinitia’s interest in photography began in Mexico and she started photography with a 35mm camera with black and white film.


Throughout the exhibit numerous signs could be found that warns the audience about the content in the exhibit. When I walked into the art gallery it is evident that Mexico Already Changed is an exhibit that addresses many political issues regrading Mexico and the United States. Each art piece was unique and used different forms of mediums to state concerns and issues related to stereotyping, immigration, and cultural identity.

“El Roboto”is an interactive art piece that roams around freely in the art gallery, it is a robot on wheels that uses sensors to locate visitors in the gallery. The robot has a small sized speaker on top of it, which is used to ask similar questions that are asked by the United States Government by anyone that wants citizenship in the United States. Cinitia states that her goal is “to promote difficult dialogue that might eventually lead to a more progressive society that includes everyone despite of social class, race immigrant status.

“El Roboto” was my favorite art piece due to it political message, and because it was interactive. When I was in the gallery stopped right in front of my legs and started asking multiple questions, and it quickly caught my attention.  I found it interesting how the robot asks ridiculous questions such as “Are you a communist?” and “Do you like tamales?” Asking someone if they are a communist does not seem like a relevant question to ask today, it would be relevant if we were in the cold war. In addition, the robot is asking stereotypical questions related to race and food. By presenting these questions in this manner it made me realize how frustrating it could me for immigrants to be taken seriously.


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