WK 3 – Artist Conversation – From Here to There

Exhibition Information

Artist: University of Central Florida / Daytona Beach Photography Students

Exhibit Coordinator: Nicole Goudarzian

Exhibition: From Here to There

Media: Photography

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website N/A

Instagram: @nsleepless (Nicole Goudarzian)

 About the Artist

The exhibit from From Here to There was hosted at the Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery in Cal State Long Beach University. From Here to There is described as a bi-coastal exchange exhibition between Cal State Long Beach University and University of Central Florida photography programs. The bi-coastal exchange exhibition has been active for a couple of yearr and art is exchanged once every semester. All of the work in this exhibition is by University of Central Flordia and Deytona Beach photography students. The artist included in this exhibition include: Chris Cournoyer, Daniel Amaro, Ivon Neville, Christina Maldonado, Michelle Blomn, Sarah Allsup, Bridget Keely, Adam Powers, Elena Cox, and Alexandra Arielle. The following artists were selected from a pool of artist, each artist submitted their work to be “juried,” meaning that judges had to review over the artists’ submissions and select a few to display in the exhibit.

The artists who were associated with the exhibit were not present; therefore, we were not able to interview the artists. However, I was able to interview Nicole Goudarzian who is the coordinator of the exchange exhibition. Her responsibilities as a coordinator includes, displaying the art pieces, organizing the exhibition, and assembling the “flow” of the art gallery. She is not responsible for critiquing the art work and selecting which artist are going to be part of the exhibition. Nicole is a senior at Cal State Long Beach University, she is majoring in photography and aims to receive a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in the following year. Nicole mentioned how she was aware of her artistic abilities since she was a young girl and that is when she realized she wanted to become an artist. It was not until she came to CSULB when she figured out that she wanted to become a photographer, today she considers herself as a serialist photographer. I asked her “why is this bi-coastal exchange exhibition is important?” She said that it is important for artist to display their work in different galleries other than local galleries, this would allow artists to expand their audience.

When walking into the art gallery it was evident that their was not congruent theme within the exhibition other than all the art pieces were photographs. There were a variety of photographs, ranging from portraits to landscapes. Each photograph was unique and different some photographs were simply edited in black and white, white other photographs such as God V has a space background edited onto the photo. I found every art piece to be aesthetically pleasing but my eyes kept gravitating towards was titles Idols and Anchors by Michelle Bloom.

Idols and Anchors

Idols and Anchors is a set of two photos that includes roses, candles, remote control, television, and a box. All of the items in the photo are painted white, and the photographs have a white border around them. The artist intentions were to display the differences found between contemporary society and our ancestors.Michelle Bloom mentioned in her artist statement, that our world is surrounded by technology, commodities, and media and we tend to idolize items that are superficial. Michelle believes that these items are viewed our “new gods,” therefore, the objects are purified in white.

When I first saw the piece Idols and Anchors I quickly thought of religion because of the symbolism associated with the color white and the roses. White is typically associated with purity, virginity, light, and innocence. When I saw the white roses it made me think of the Virgin Mary. I thought the piece was a reference to society’s need and dependence on technology. Currently, we may belive that technology is used to make our lives simple and easy but we fail to realize the harm technology causes. Personally, the art piece made me question my media and technology habits, sometimes I fail to realize the importance of life. At times I get caught up in materialistic items that I fail to appreciate the simple things in life. Enjoyment comes from the free things in life not superficial items.


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