Wk 2 -Art Experience – Landscapes with a Corpse

Plastic Guns
Framing the Victim

I would like to start off by explaining that my intentions are not to be controversial or create a “shocking” image because I had my three year old niece pretend to shoot me (it is just a plastic water gun LOL). I decided to base this art project on a recurring dream that I had when I was in middle school, till this day I occasionally have the same exact dream. My dream is similar to the book The Giver by Lois Lowry and the short story Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut. My dream takes place in the far future in a dystopian society and our government has implicated many laws and devices to control the population. The government’s intentions was to create policies that would allow everyone to be equal, but total equality resulted in censorship and restraint. Basically, in my dream my job was to deliver historical books to government officials, but books were prohibited to the general public because the government was afraid of people gaining knowledge. However, I would often break the law and make photocopies of the books and distribute them to the general public. The government discovered that I’ve been breaking the law and they hired  ninja assassins to kill me to prevent me from starting a revolution. What was weird about the ninjas was that they were genetically manipulated so they would be small, there size would allow them to be more mobile and less visible. These ninjas killed me while I least expected it, and they framed me to make it seem like I have committed suicide. The first picture I titled “Plastic Guns,” and my little niece played the role of the ninja killing me. Would of been awesome if she had a ninja costume on! The second picture I titled “Framing the Victim,” and it depicts the scene where the government framed me to make it appear like I took my own life.

The location of my photos

The location of the set was at a park and my brother helped me with taking the pictures. I asked my brother to go to the top of the bleachers so we could get aerial photos of my “dead corpse.” The first image, “Plastic Guns” was taken around 6:50 P.M. so it was still bright outside, and the second image “Framing the Victim” was taken around 7:40 P.M. I thought the images would look cool if not only the perspective of the photo changed but the lighting as well. I used my iPhone to take these photos, and I used an app called Afterlight to edit both of the photos. I am NOT the the type of person who enjoys being photographed; therefore, posing for these photos was extremely awkward. It felt like everyone was staring at me and thought I was a creep because I was playing dead at the park. I wish I had the proper equipment and props to recreate the exact scenes from my dream, but I am happy the way the photos turned out. Regardless, I had lots of fun with my family, and it was cool to get out of my comfort zone!!!

Laughing at my Own Death While on Set!!! LOL  XD

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