Wk 2 – Classmate Conversation – Marysol Jimenez

Marysol & Alex  🙂

This week I meet Marysol Jimenez, she was friendly, amusing, and a makeup enthusiast. Marysol and I had a lot in common, we are both the youngest in our immediate family and we are both first generation college students! We discussed about the underlying pressure of being first generation college students, and how we both feel privileged and accomplished in receiving a higher education. Furthermore, we had a very passionate discussion about how much he hate commuting to school, and how it is nearly impossible to find parking after 10 A.M. This is Marysol’s fourth year at Cal State Long Beach, she is majoring in Sociology. Besides Marysol being fully dedicated to her education she also works at the Children’s Place as a part-time cashier. I also discovered some random facts about Marysol, her favorite flowers are sun flowers and this was clearly evident because she had a huge drawing of a sun flower on her I.D. card. Also, she hates roller coasters! By the end of our discussion we talked about if art is still needed today, and she mentioned how art is required today because its an outlet that would allow people to fully express themselves.

Marysol’s ID card

Marysol’s website


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