Wk1 – Art Experience – High Five!

This week’s art activity was plaster casting and I decided to make a casting of my hand in the form of a “high five.” I did not have time to go out to the beach due to time restraints; therefore, I used some remaining sand that my dad had in our backyard that was used to renovate our bathroom. The remaining sand was sufficient enough to fill up a narrow bucket, which would allow me to make a casting of my hand. Making the plaster mixture was extremely easy, and I had enough to make two castings of my hand. This was my first time working with plaster, so I was afraid that my casting would break off. Sadly, the tip of one my fingers did break off during the process, but it gives the overall piece a unique look. Originally, I wanted to make a casting of holding hands, but whenever I would pull out my hands from the bucket the sand kept breaking, destroying the mold that I created. In the near future, I plan on purchasing some paint and decorating the casting of my hand and have it displayed on my desk. If I had the opportunity to recreate this activity in the future I would go to the beach because it would allow me to create a bigger casting because I would not be limited to the amount of sand that I have.


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