WK 15 – Artist Conversation – Lillian Elizabeth

Artist: Lillian Elizabeth
Exhibition: Beeware Ceramics
Media: Sculptures, Pots, Ceramics
Gallery: Max L. Gatov East Gallery
Website: N/A
Instagram: N/A


Beeware Ceramics¬† was located in Max L. Gatov East Gallery located in Cal State Long Beach. Lillian Elizabeth is an undergraduate student in Cal State Long Beach. Unfortunately, I was not able to interview Lillian Elizabeth because she was not at the event. The Max L. Gatov East Gallery was filled with other student’s work who also worked with the same media as Lillian Elizabeth. During this event students were selling their ceramic work.


My eyes were more gravitated towards Lillian Elizabeth’s work because of the pattern and colors. I felt like Lillian did an amazing job creating a “brand” for her work, all of her work was consistent and amazing. One of my favorite items from her exhibition was her tea pot set. Her tea pot set had amazing patterns and bold colors which made it aesthetically pleasing for the eyes.


Overall, I really enjoyed Lillian Elizabeth’s work and I wish I had the opportunity to meet the artist and talk about their inspirations. I also wish I was able to buy some of their work but it was too expensive for me.


WK 15 – Art Experience – Finger Painting


The week before final exams we were assigned our final art experience, which was finger painting. I was really excited about finger painting since the beginning of class especially because the finger painting is abstract. This art experience was stress relieving compared to my other assignment for school. I am pretty happy on how my work turn out and I loved how all of my colors mixed together. I felt like my art painting looks like a 90’s plastic cup. If I had the opportunity to do this assignment again I wish I had more paint. I only had a little amount of paint and if I had more paint I would be able to mix the colors better and fill up all of the white paper.


WK 14 – Classmate Conversation – Jacqueline Sanchez


This week I had my classmate conversation with Jacqueline Sanchez, we were both looking around the classroom for a classmate and then we just started talking. For this weeks classmate conversation we had to answer a question: Describe what the College Experience will be like for a student in 2036. We both mentioned how we thought that technology would take over the student experience in 2036. One thing that Jacqueline mentioned was how online classes would be more popular. Its difficult to say what the future holds in store for us but whatever it is, I am really excited for it!!

WK 14 – Art Experience -Instagram


This week we were given the assignment to create an Instagram post using the #art110of16. I did not have an Instagram because it has never been something that has caught my attention. Therefore, I had to create a new account, which was really easy and fun!!! I created my account and used the username “ALVXM1,” and added some of my classmates onto my account. I found it really fun to customize my account, creating my bio and adding a profile picture. We had to include 4 0r more photos onto our Instagram accounts using the #art110of16, and since on Wednesdays I am at school all day all of my pictures were at school. My first picture was when I went to Carl’s Jr to buy a chicken sandwich with my friend after class was over. My second picture was taken next to CSULB’s book store and I was walking to my 11 a.m class. The third photo was of my good friend Charlie when we were studying at the library. Finally, the fourth photo was of my friend Monique!! Overall, I thought that the Instagram activity was fun, it was cool to see other people post when you clicked on the Instagram.


WK 13 – Classmate Conversation – Kayla Tafoya Sablan


This week I had the opportunity to meet an amazing classmate, Kayla Tafoya Sablan!! She was super kind, interesting and outgoing. Immediately, after class I was having a hard time finding a classmate that I have not had a conversation with and out of nowhere Kayla came up to me and we started to have a discussion about Carla Dauden! I thought that her glasses were really cool, so I complimented her on her glasses LOL!!! A majority of our conversation was about the presentation, and how we found it to be motivating. We both agreed that the advice Carla gave us could be applied to our daily lives, although her presentation was geared towards art students.

WK 12 – Artist Conversation – Sage Garver

Artist: Sage Garver
Exhibition: BIO
Media: Sculptures
Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery
Website: N/A
Instagram: N/A


BIO was located in the Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery at Cal State Long Beach. The BIO exhibit was created by Sage Garver, who is under graduate senior working on their BFA in sculpture. The exhibit showcases different sculptures that are attached to the wall, and a chains in the middle of the gallery. This exhibition is based on the human body, it uses biological forms and systems as an inspiration for the exhibition. Sage mentioned that, “My work begins with my body and illnesses I’ve experienced throughout my life.” After discovering that their work was based on their illnesses and experiences, it felt more personal to be inside of the exhibition.

Sage Garver is a senior student at Cal State Long Beach, they are currently working on their BFA in sculpture. Sage does plan on attending graduate school, but they are going to take a long break before they apply back to school. Originally, Sage was interested in drawing in high school. However, after a few art classes in high school their interest in drawing shifted to sculptures. Sage found sculptures more interesting to manipulate because it is a 3-D object. Sage enjoys going outdoors to hike and swim, and they also enjoy cooking. Some of Sage’s favorite places to go hiking is in Palos Verdes by the beach.


Walking into the exhibition I was captivated by the sculptures that were on the walls. All of the sculptures that were on the wall were white. Therefore, it appeared like the sculptures were coming out of the walls. It was evident that the exhibition was about humans biological form and systems. The sculptures that were all the wall all appeared to be different types of cells that are found inside of our body. The shapes that were found inside of the gallery reminded me of the shaped that you find when looking into biological diagrams under a microscope.

The different shapes of sculptures reminded me of how complex the human body is. After visiting the gallery I felt appreciative of the human body, because of its complexity. On the surface the human body does not seem that complicated, but once you examine the interior you realize that there are a lot of different mechanics that keeps us going. img_1119


WK 11 – Artist Conversation – Kyle Kruse

Artist: Kyle Kruse
Exhibition: Janis Maxim
Media: Film, Paintings, Sculptures
Gallery: Marilyn Werby
Website: Kylekruseart.com
Instagram: @kyle.kruse


Janis Maxim was located at the Marilyn Werby Gallery in Cal State Long Beach. The Janis Maxim exhibition was created by the undergraduate student, Kyle Kruse for his senior undergraduate show. The media included in this show consists of installations, wood carvings, film making, and printing. This exhbition is based on the Greco-Roman teching myths of Janus, Prometheus, and Sisyphus. Kyle included a poem in his description which set a tone for his exhibition, “Fire consumes the body, it returns to sand./ The New is free to rise and burn again/ Water washes off afterbirth to nurture the forest,/ They build their own pyres.”

Kyle Kruse is currently a senior at Cal State Long Beach, he is working on his bachelors of arts in print making with a focus on wood carving. He plans on continuing his education by attending graduate school, he is currently interested in attending Yale, and New York. His interest in art began when he was young, he started drawing at a young age and made stuff out of junk from junk yards. His interest in print making derived from his grandparents, and their passion for art collecting. He enjoys reading on his free time,doing research on particular subjects, and rock climbing. It took him approximately ten weeks to complete his show, and his insomnia came to an advantage because it allowed him to work on his projects late at night.


When you first walk into the gallery it is extremely dark, and dirt is scattered all through out the floor of the gallery which sets a fearsome, haunting, and alarming tone for the exhibition. The three monitors that are in the gallery provide a looped video of events from the woods, fire, and etc. I was mostly fascinated by the three painting on the walls, they reminded me of “tribal” paintings. The painting where of different masks, which had the silhouette of an animal. All three of the paintings were framed with a dark circle as its border. The colors that were used for this painting were primarily dark colors. When you are up close to the paintings you could see that a lot of texture is included.


The exhibition provided many different images from the woods and I think those images along with all of the other pieces included in the gallery emulate the concept and meaning behind life. Similar to my intentions to understand the meaning behind the exhibition, the show attempts to question the obscure meaning behind life.